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Redneck Matinee

May 13, 2019

Chuck Norris stars in Don Hulette's 1977 truckin'/kickin' epic Breaker! Breaker!, also starring George Murdock, Jack Nance, Terry O'Connor, Miranda Garrison, and The Great John L.

Trucking! (Barely.) Kicking! (Plenty!) Armwrestling! (More than you'd think.) Beards and mustaches! (Some, but not on Chuck.) CB talkin'! (Poor.) Dirt bikin'! (Yes! But they even make that weird.) Plus doll bars! Shakespeare! Salad! Star Trek V! Dirty Dancing! Vans, flies, answering the phone, and other 70s relics. Also, jumping through a window will mess you up.

Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by @stephenmullinax

Breaker! Breaker! is currently available on DVD from Amazon and streaming rental on Vudu. Trailer:

Chuck Norris autobiography Against All Odds: My Story

Chuck Norris advice from Karate Kommandos

Chuck at Survivor Series in 1994:

Top Dog  Trailer:

Actor George Murdock: ("What does God need with a starship?") (as Scanlon on Barney Miller)
Director Don Hulette:
Miranda Garrison: (Dirty Dancing)
Jack Nance:

New York Times review:

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